Metropolitan Police

Lamb & Partners was contracted to Mouchel to assist the Met Police in rationalising their Colindale Estate (Hendon Police Training College), in line with the master plan for the site and in order to generate funding for a new police training college and driving school on a greatly reduced site.
The project entailed the consolidation of staff, ‘students’ and operational teams from across the site into newer buildings at one end of the campus, so that the old Peel House teaching block and accommodation towers could be decommissioned ahead of demolition and sale of the land for urban regeneration. The decommissioning alone saves a huge amount of revenue costs but proved very difficult to move some of the investigation teams out of the rooms that they had commandeered over the years for evidential security reasons.
As part of the rationalisation and in preparation for the influx of people to the retained end of the campus, a canteen refresh and up-grade was undertaken to cope with the closing of a duplicate facilities at the other end of the campus. Further enabling works were undertaken to prepare buildings for increased populations and specialist teams requiring specific training layouts.
Mouchel are engaged under a term contract to provide construction consultancy services to the Metropolitan Police Service and as such we managed Mouchel’s delivery of those services, namely building design, space planning and quantity surveying, whilst performing project and programme management services.
Lamb & Partners was contacted by Mouchel to assist rationalising the Colindale Estate.

Peel Centre Hendon